Videos of Projects Undertaken by Iraqi Children’s Hope

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Conclusion of 2024 Ramadan Basket Distribution – 1,400 Baskets


In the concluding phase of our Ramadan initiative, ICH proudly carried out another round of food basket distributions in Samawah, marking the culmination of our efforts during this holy month. This final round brought our total to 1400 baskets, each one a symbol of hope and communal support for the orphans and widows who are at the heart of our mission.

Distribution of Ramadan baskets for families and orphans – SAMAWAH


During the sacred month of Ramadan, ICH reignited its commitment to generosity, extending our hands and hearts to the orphans and widows in the city of Samawah. Our mission was simple yet profound: to distribute food baskets that would offer more than mere sustenance.

Distribution of Ramadan baskets for families and orphans


In the blessed month of Ramadan, ICH once again embraced the spirit of giving, reaching out to the hearts of orphans and widows with the warmth of community and compassion.

We sought not just to nourish bodies, but to feed souls, fostering a sense of belonging and joy among those we serve.

Providing Sewing Machines to Widowed Women


Our aim is to help Iraqi orphans and widowed women change their lives through education, training, and empowerment.

Iraqi Children’s Hope gave sewing machines to widows who wished to learn the profession of sewing and how to make a living with it. 

Treatment of a Child Case 


A little boy, Mustafa, was suffering from an Inguinal Hernia. HIs family lives in poverty and could not afford the surgery.  

I.C. Hope took action to help the child and pay the costs of the treatment and surgery.

Honoring 56 Orphan Students


One of our missions is to enable Iraqi orphan children to become educated by removing societal and personal barriers.

I.C. Hope honored outstanding orphan students for their academic success in the 2019-2020 school year and encouraged them to continue to excel in their studies.

Eid Clothes Distribution


Iraqi Children’s Hope celebrated the Eid Al-Adha event by distributing Eid clothes to more than 400 orphan children.

Children were filled with great joy, and the look of delight on their faces was undeniable.

We are so proud to make this happen and see the children happy.

During  The  COVID-19  Pandemic  – Iraq

Because of the pandemic, a curfew was imposed in Iraq, leaving many day laborers with no source of income for themselves and their families. Many of the families were going days without food. We have provided: 3,500 food baskets, 743 units of milk for babies, and Over 2,000 units of diapers.

During  The  COVID-19  Pandemic – U.S

During  the  COVID-19  Pandemic in the Northern Virginia Community of the U.S.2,600 units of medical gloves and 1,800 surgical masks were provided to health centers, and 135 food baskets were given to local families in the area.  

Repair orphan’s family house


I.C.Hope assisted a family of 4 orphans and their mother to rebuild the house when the roof started to leak water.
The family can not afford to repair the roof. ICHope purchased all necessary materials to change the roof and our team helped with the labor.