Tutoring Programs For 2ed To 8th Grade

In Iraq, public schools are free, but unfortunately, the education in them is weak, and that is why most families who have a good financial income send their children to private schools. While poor children and orphans who live in poverty find it difficult to educate in private schools.

On the other hand, for many reasons, thousands of Iraqi children became orphaned. For these vulnerable and innocent victims of society, an adequate education is a lost hope. Deprived of the care of loving parental figures to supplement their daily schooling, these children often fall behind, even failing in their studies, and eventually quit school. Thus, continuing the chain of misery and deprivation, through no fault of their own.

In I.C.Hope, we’ve created a Tutoring Program for these children. The program has been a tremendous success.

This year we have more than 80 children who need tutoring.

These children need our help and support.

Together, and through I.C.Hope we can transform the lives of children in poverty.