Self empowerment

As stated, our primary focus is on educating youth, but for that to be successful we must also work with adults who will learn to be economically successful and educationally supportive. Widowed/single mothers will be enrolled in training programs that will allow them to earn enough money to support their families. They will also learn about mental health issues that impair their children so that they may work to counter any challenges.

Losing a husband or a partner can be an incredibly saddening experience. But for too many women in Iraq, becoming a widow can also be the beginning of a whole new set of problems and hardships. Women are faced with sudden urgent fears of providing for the family. Difficulties of how they can afford to eat, or pay rent, or keep their children in school not only add to the emotional toll but also drastically change their lives.

Through our Enterprise Scheme, we empower these women and girls to learn to support themselves. But we need your help to continue this work where it’s needed.

In places where women are brought out of their education early to marry their partner, where the man is customarily the sole bread-winner and women are expected only to maintain the household and look after the children, becoming a widow can be felt especially isolating. Sometimes, widows are even shunned by those around them due to cultural beliefs…