Projects Undertaken by Iraqi Children’s Hope

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Distributing Eid Clothes to 52 Orphans

Distributing Eid Clothes to 52 Orphans May 1, 2023 As the crescent moon rises and the celebratory spirit of Eid fills the air, our mission to support and uplift the

2022 Ramadan Food Drive

2022 Ramadan Food Drive May 2, 2022 Ramadan presents a unique time for families in Iraq, who rely on humanitarian aid to properly celebrate the holy month with their loved

Eid Ramadan Clothes for children

Eid Ramadan Clothes for Children When you’re an orphan in Iraq, the most basic necessities can be hard to come by. Even harder to have are material things that would

Ramadan Food Drive

Ramadan Food Drive In the months leading up to this blessed month, I.C. Hope volunteers have been hard at work identifying families who needed help and the type of assistance

Children Tutoring for Success

Children’s Tutoring For Success Iraqi Children’s Hope helps children who struggle to keep up with school work, as well as those who feel that they aren’t challenged enough academically.  We

Beauty & Barber Course for Women

Barber & Beauty Courses One of I.C. Hope’s aims is to help Iraqi widows change their lives through training and empowerment so they can support their families. During this workshop,

Distributing Cargo Carriers

Distributing Three-Wheeler Cargo Carriers “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” On December

Eid Al-Adha for Orphans!

Eid Al-Adha for Orphans! Iraqi Children’s Hope celebrated the blessed Eid Al-Adha by distributing Eid clothes to more than 400 orphan boys and girls. The ceremony was held to distribute

Providing Food Basket during COVID-19 Pandemic

Providing Food Baskets to Families In Need What We Distributed:  5,880 Food Baskets  83 Monetary Donations  1,360 Canned Milk for Infants  3,620 Baby Diapers Food baskets were provided to thousands of hungry and malnourished

Surveillance Camera System Training Courses

Surveillance Camera System Training Courses This CCTV course provides comprehensive information required for Security Camera IT to those students.  Students that graduate from this course have a higher chance of securing a well-paying

Computer Training Courses

Computer Training Courses The objective of this course is to teach students (widows, youth, and young adults) everything they need to know in order to master using a computer. Participants

Built a classroom in an elementary school

Project: Building Classrooms in an Elementary School One of the problems Iraqi children face is poor education, especially so for children who live in poverty. Another problem of education is

Delivered 450 school uniforms

Project: Delivering 450 School Uniforms One of the difficulties that Iraqi families face at the beginning of the school year is acquiring the right educational materials such as clothes, stationery,

Barber Courses – for Women

Project: Barber Courses for Women I. C. Hope trained and provided many widowed women with the necessary skills and materials to start practicing the new skill of cutting hair. A