Zain Alabdeen

I am 7 years old!
I’ve been waiting 818 Days!
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اقرا تفاصيل عن الطفل - عربي

Zain Al-Abdeen is an 7 year old boy, born in 2015, who has 2 other siblings, and live together with their mom after the father had passed away in 2017 due to a heart attack. Zain Al-Abdeen’s mother is doing her best to support a decent life for her children, but their financial situation had worsened significantly ever since the loss of their father, their main breadwinner of the household. The family receives a minor amount of welfare, which is not enough to support the family with even basic necessities. The family of Zain is in need of household items such as a TV, a split cooler, and an oven. The house is also in need of some structural repairs. Any form of income would help the mother better raise her children. Zain is additionally going to start school next year, which will add expenses and worsen the financial strain in the family, especially since Zain’s 2 siblings are already going to school. Any support is greatly appreciated.

Zain’s mom is able to bring him to class, and help him with schoolwork.

Zain would greatly benefit from a generous sponsor, like you!