I am 12 years old!
I’ve been waiting 1415 Days!
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اقرا تفاصيل عن الطفل - عربي

House needs remodeling, not in living conditions

  • Father died in 2013 heart failure
  • Mohamad Rahif, 2011
  • Aryam Rahif, 2008
  • Ayad Rahif, 2007

Mohamad Rahif is 11 years old.? He was orphaned at the tender age of 2, after his father passed away of heart failure.? He and his two older siblings live with their mother, who is unable to provide for the family. Mohamad’s sister Aryam Rahif is 13 years old.? She was orphaned at the young and inquisitive age of 5, Mohamad’s older brother Ayad Rahif is 14 years old.? He was orphaned at the young age of 6, The family desperately needs updates to their home rendering it livable, as it is currently collapsing. Please help this family in need.