I am 15 years old!
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اقرا تفاصيل عن الطفل - عربي

Karar is a 15 year old boy, born in 2008, who is currently enrolled in second intermediary classes and has fair academic performance, but struggles with his English class. He has 2 siblings, Ammar and Benin, who live with the mother after the father had passed away due to heart attack in 2020. The financial situation of the family worsened as a result, and Ammar was forced to abandon school in order to search for work in order to alleviate the burden. Karar may have to do the same if the family is unable to find any financial relief in the near future. The family lives in a rented home but is unable to keep up their rent payments as they lack a source of financial income. The home is in poor condition, in major need of restoration and maintenance, as even the roof leaks when it rains outside and does not insulate from the simmering temperatures outside. The home also has significant plumbing issues, among other problems. The mother states that her family situation is very difficult and is exhausted from having to bear the responsibilities alone, and that any financial support for the children would go a long way.

Please help Karar and his siblings with a sponsorship in order to ease their struggles, and pave a way for a brighter future for them.

Karar would greatly benefit from a generous sponsor, like you!