I am 10 years old!
I’ve been waiting 822 Days!
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اقرا تفاصيل عن الطفل - عربي

Help Kara who suffers from Delayed growth.

Karar Mohanad, age 8, and his three siblings became orphaned after their father died of heartache. Karar and his siblings are under the care of their mother, living in an abandoned condemned home. Karar suffers from delayed growth which affects him from doing well in school.? Karar will never witness the support from his father when he needs that during his life. Karar and his siblings are in dire need of assistance to provide for their daily needs including the cost of school tuition. Similar to his siblings, Karar is eager to attain special education for a chance to help him understand school materials, but he doesn?t have a chance under her current circumstances. Please help Karar and his siblings attain education for the opportunity at a brighter future, as a contrast to his desolate childhood.