I am 11 years old!
I’ve been waiting 956 Days!
ID: 252

Full Sponsorship: $58/M
Half Sponsorship: $29/M

اقرا تفاصيل عن الطفل - عربي

“If you can not feed a hundred people, then feed just one”

  • Father died in 2019 car accident
  • Baneen Shaheed, 2011
  • Zahraa Shaheed, 2008
  • Mahdi Shaheed, 2007
  • Fatima Shaheed, 2005
  • They Need Food

Baneen Shaheed is 10 years old. She was orphaned at the innocent age of 8 – young enough not to understand the true impact of such a loss, yet old enough to feel the excruciating void of a father – after her father passed away in a car accident. She and her three younger siblings live with their mother, who is unable to provide for the family. Baneen’s siblings are Zahraa is 13 years old, she was orphaned at the age of 11. Mahdi is 14 years old, he was orphaned at the age of 12 and Fatima is 16 years old., sadly, she was orphaned at the age of 14. Baneen and her three older siblings need your help to provide the basic necessities of food, shelter, clothing, and an education. 

Please help Baneen experience the true kindness of a sponsor by helping provide for a family who has experienced so much shock and loss.

You can change an orphan child’s life from one of hardship and loneliness to one of hope and meaning. You have the opportunity to literally bring the love of God to a child in need.

Each child has one sponsor, someone like you, who exchanges letters, photos, and provides necessities like food, health care, and educational opportunities.

At ICHope, we say that nurturing an orphan child, connecting that child to someone like you in a child’s life is the most strategic way to make a difference in the life of an orphan child in need.

Change the life of an orphan child in poverty. With your generous donation of only $58 a month, you can sponsor an orphan child in poverty who will receive:

– Medical care

– Food basket

– Education

– Job skills training

– Mentoring and opportunities for personal development

– You may discontinue your child sponsorship at any time. (We will appreciate it if you inform us within at least 2 months before the cancellation, so we can find another sponsor for that child).

Each child deserves a happy and healthy life. Will you give one orphan child that blessing? Will you sponsor an orphan child? Give a child hope for the future and for all eternity. Sponsor a child today