I am 11 years old!
I’ve been waiting 978 Days!
ID: 419

Full Sponsorship: $58/M
Half Sponsorship: $29/M

اقرا تفاصيل عن الطفل - عربي

Lonely Orphaned Boy with no Siblings Needs a Sponsorship!

Abbass Ahmed, age 10, became orphaned after the devastating loss of his father when he was just 2 years old.? Abbass has no recollection of his father and only knows of him from the fond stories he?s told by his relatives.? Abbass and his ill mother are under the care of Abbass? grandmother.? Abbass? mother has dysfunctional kidneys requiring dialysis but the family?s financial hardships make it difficult for Abbass? mother to attain the care she needs.? Regardless of her health issues, Abbass? mother would like to learn to be a seamstress in hopes of one day being able to provide an income for the family.? This household is in need of basic essentials such as a refrigerator and heater.? Please answer the cries of Abbass with your sponsorship!

Through the donations received from generous donors like you, I.C. Hope is able to provide orphaned children and widowed mothers with necessities and skilled trade training, not only allowing them the chance at survival but also endowing them with skills and hope for a brighter future!

• Wholesome food
• Clean, adequate clothing
• Safe, happy living arrangements
• Basic household furniture and appliances
• Basic school supplies and uniforms
• Tutoring programs
. Safe transportation
• Special education tutoring
• Autism programs and support
• Mental health programs
• Medical services
• Skilled trade education and certification (sewing, handyman, computer repair and programming, entrepreneurship, etc.)

I.C. Hope implements a strict and rigorous fund allocation system whereby funding is paid to the orphan guardian with proof of funds spent (receipts from grocery/food markets, clothing retailers, furniture/appliance retailers, home rent, etc.) validated by ongoing social service visits to confirm appropriate purchases. Due to our on-site team and volunteers, every family is regularly visited to ensure funds are directly supporting our beloved orphans. Our team in Washington D.C. (USA) regularly visits Iraq to ensure this operation and also to witness the beaming faces of the orphaned children receiving a new pair of glasses when they could not see the chalkboard, or a new pair of shoes because their feet were bleeding from inadequate shoes, or a family benefitting from a new bed who no longer have to sleep on concrete ground, etc.

If an orphan sponsor would like regular progress updates or correspondence with a beloved orphan, please do not hesitate to contact our team at, and appropriate arrangements will be made. Please note we prioritize the well-being and safety of our orphans. Thus sensitive information such as home address may be withheld.