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Computer Training for Women and Young Adults

Computer Training for Women and Young Adults Fifty-seven women and young adults began computer training in hopes of improving their skills and earning an income. We are helping young

The Story of Jenan

The Story of Jenan One of the main goals at Iraqi Children’s Hope is to empower widowed women to support themselves and their children. Jenan, a widow, lost her

The Initiative of Humanitarian Water Tanks

Project: Humanitarian Water Tank Initiative August 13, 2021 Iraqi Children’s Hope distributed 12 tanks of water to families living in (Al-Faw, Basra province in Iraq) which is considered one

Children Tutoring for Success

Children Tutoring for Success Iraqi Children’s Hope helps children who struggle to keep up with schoolwork as well as those who feel that they aren’t challenged enough academically. We

Visiting Needy Families

Visiting Families in Need I.C. Hope continues to work with our registered families to find out their needs and the educational level of their children. We also continue to