Our 3-Part Ramadan Food Basket Distribution in 2024

Ramadan 2024

During the month of Ramadan, Iraqi Children’s Hope dedicated itself to supporting orphans and widows through our annual food basket distribution. This year our mission expanded across three impactful occasions, each being a testament to our commitment to our community.

1st Distribution of Ramadan Baskets for Families and Orphans

Date: 3/21/2024

During the blessed month of Ramadan, Iraqi Children’s Hope embraced the spirit of giving, reaching out to orphans and widows with warmth and compassion. We aimed not only to nourish bodies but also to foster a sense of belonging and joy among those we serve.

2nd Distribution: Samawah Branch

Date: 3/25/2024

Continuing our efforts, we reignited our commitment to generosity in the city of Samawah. We sought to distribute more food baskets, which offer more than mere sustenance, and provide hope and support to the orphans and widows who are the heart of our mission.

3rd Distribution: Samawah Branch

Date: 4/1/2024

In the concluding phase of our Ramadan initiative, we proudly carried out another round of food basket distributions in Samawah. This final round marked the culmination of our efforts during this holy month. Bringing our total to 1,400 baskets, each one a symbol of hope and communal support. 



  1. 1st Distribution of Ramadan Baskets for Families and Orphans (3/21/2024)
  2. 2nd Distribution: Samawah Branch (3/25/2024)
  3. 3rd Distribution: Samawah Branch (4/1/2024)