2022 Ramadan Food Drive

May 2, 2022

Ramadan presents a unique time for families in Iraq, who rely on humanitarian aid to properly celebrate the holy month with their loved ones. Every Ramadan season, Iraqi Children’s Hope provides food baskets to families in need. Hundreds of families were provided with food baskets in the Basra, Samawa and Baghdad cities this Ramadan.

Each basket contained basic food items such as cooking oil, rice, dates, flour, juice, and a variety of other items that would last a family for a while.

“The Ramadan food basket distribution project provided by I.C. HOPE had a great impact on the families that received the baskets”

Ahmad Manara, an I.C. HOPE field representative in Iraq.

“These families have been in need for years, and it was refreshing to see smiles on their faces as they were receiving their food baskets. We have received many calls and messages from beneficiaries thanking I.C. HOPE for their generous work. “Adding each Friday during the month of Ramadan, we provided hundreds of food baskets to needy families.”

Pictures related to the 2022 Ramadan Food Drive & distribution efforts are attached below.